Why 1st Choice Heating & Plumbing is right for your Property Management Company

As a property manager, you're a bridge between the needs of the tenants and the property owner.

Tenants want everything to work properly, be fixed promptly with minimal cost or disruptions.

Property owners want a proper diagnosis, cost-effective solutions and quality workmanship.

The last thing you need is to be worried that your HVAC contractor makes you look bad by not living up to these universal expectations.

In a sea of HVAC companies, we believe 1st Choice Heating & Plumbing is well suited to be your trusted partner for your property portfolio.

Making the best decisions to make you look good

Your Trusted Partner

Our Secret Weapon - Richard Nadeau

Always your main point of contact

Richard Nadeau, our owner at 1st Choice Heating & Plumbing, has spent his whole life looking after buildings. He knows every last detail to look for when trouble shows up in commercial and multi-unit residential buildings.He has his ticket in plumbing, gas fitting and boilers. Because of his vast experience, he also knows all the interplay between the electrical, framing, drywall, grading, insulation - everything that can have an impact on the integrity and functioning of your building.

He will always give you the straight goods on what you need and give you plenty of explanation and options so you can make informed decisions.

Our company advantage

  • Less expensive - We operate a low-cost business model and have very reasonable pricing. Because of this, we are generally the low-cost option.
  • Well rounded - We have Richard and his team who are rockstars at what they do. They are ticketed plumbers, millwrights, exterior finishers, painters, framers, etc.
  • Troubleshooters - Being so well-rounded, we are able to quickly and accurately diagnose building issues.
  • Meticulous - Just look inside our trucks; our jobs are the same way. Clean, organized, efficient.  
  • Quick response - We never take more work than we can handle. Client satisfaction is a priority and being readily available is a key to that.
  • Easy to work with - You’ll see the difference right away. Your point of contact is always Richard. He is our secret weapon.
  • Family business - This makes us nimble and responsive to our clients needs.  Richard is the dad, Braidon is the son. Tom, Mario and Andrew aren’t blood, but may as well be family. Our circle is tight and everyone works to see us succeed.

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